WIX Racing TCC - Livery Requirements

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WIX Racing TCC - Livery Requirements

Post by CRA XenoMorph on Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:41 pm

The WIX Racing TCC has a small number of livery requirements for each entry to meet.

1) Window banner:
As per the image below, the window banner will consist of the WIX Racing url, your racing number and the 'TCC or NATCC' logo

The TCC / NATCC, WIXRacingUK URL logo is available from LMR DarthMario
(series logos are set on the Y-axis at 0.00)

2) Side numbers:
Numbers on the side of the car much be located on the 'C-pillar' as indicated in the picture below. Please ensure the correct font and 'day-glo' colour is used.

3) Front Bumper:
Where applicable the 'TCC or NATCC' logo should appear on the license plate area.
The TORA url should appear above this where possible but is optional on the front.

Two WIX Racing full logo boxes are optional but advised in the positions illustrated in the image. Logos are available from LMR DarthMario

4) Rear bumper
The 'TCC or NATCC' logo should appear in the license plate area
TORA url should appear on the lower portion of the bumper

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