HLR hosted HLC with prizes!!!

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HLR hosted HLC with prizes!!! Empty HLR hosted HLC with prizes!!!

Post by HLR Leceur on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:44 am

To all racers, HLR is hosting regular hotlap challenges and we have agreement with T10 they will gift prizes in the form of credits.
1st 1000000 credits
2nd 500000 credits
And a random prize of 250000 credits open to all entrants so you don't need to be fast to have a chance to win something.

Car Class B Class
Track Lime Rock Full Alt

Competition Starts Oct 4th
Competition Ends Oct 30th at Midnight GMT

Please sign up at our forum and post your time here:


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HLR hosted HLC with prizes!!! 650688

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